How and when should I make my bookings?

We always suggest as soon as you know the dates you wish to have your holiday - go online and book.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit payable can vary between vehicles but is generally between 10 and 25%. The deposit is processed on your credit card when your booking is confirmed.

What do you mean by calendar days when we book?

Most campervan operators in Australia charge by the day, not per 24 hour period. So regardless of the time of collection and return, you will be charged for the day you collect and the day you drop your vehicle off.

I have submitted my booking form and credit card details—what happens now?

Your request will be processed within 24 hours of receiving your booking or we will get in contact with you. If a vehicle is available for the dates you specified, your booking will be finalised and your credit card will be charged a deposit. If a vehicle is not available, we will contact you with a suitable alternative and no payment will be incurred.

What is my Credit Cards 3 or 4 Digit Security Number?

The 3/4 digit security number is a code found on the back of your credit card, just after the last 4 digits of your Visa/MasterCard number

Which credit card types do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard

What currency will my Credit Card be charged?

Your deposit will be charged in Australian Dollars. The remaining balance of your rental is charged by the rental company. Please check their Terms and Conditions regarding currency and at what point they will charge the remaining balance.

Can I prepay the whole hire now?

Please check the terms and conditions to see the payment policy of the vehicle you are booking. Some of our suppliers demand prepayment (full payment before the rental commences). For suppliers who require that the balance is paid when you pick up the vehicle, you must contact the relevant supplier after your booking is confirmed to check whether they will accept your early payment.

How do I pay for my rental?

The way you pay the balance can vary between vehicles.
The majority of car rental companies let you pay the balance upon arrival when you pick up the vehicle, while other campervan/motorhome/rv rental companies often require full prepayment around 28 days prior to hire - again this is outlined in the terms, and in the booking window.

Why do I have to include my credit card number?

We require a credit card for the deposit to secure your booking. Your credit card information is strictly confidential and this is a faster method for securing your booking compared with Cash or Cheque.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. Security of our customer's credit card is taken very seriously. To ensure your security, all credit card transactions are secured by SSL, which encrypts the credit card number so as to make it unavailable to any other party.

What is a bond or security deposit?

A security bond or security deposit is a deposit paid by you which is held by the vehicle rental company while you are renting their vehicle. It is fully refundable when you return the vehicle in a satisfactory condition. Some companies require only a swipe or imprint of your credit card, while other companies require physical payment (and they refund it back at completion of rental). Bonds can vary, and so can the way they are taken - so please check the terms or insurance information on your relevant vehicle.
Most companies offer several options to reduce the size of the bond and security deposit. These are generally a daily charge (the daily charge is not refundable), and any options are outlined in the terms and conditions, and presented at the time of booking.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Typically you have to hire the van for at least 5 days, however this differs between rental companies.

What is one way fee and how do they apply?

One way fee applies when your pickup location is different than your drop off location. This fee differs from one rental company to the next. Please check individual rental company’s Terms and Conditions for details.

What is insurance for?

Please check the terms or insurance link on the vehicle you are wishing to rent to see what is included.
Also, when you begin the booking process, you are presented with any insurance excess reduction (CDW) options that are available - and this may help you to understand the insurance policy better.

What are the age restrictions for hiring?

Please check the terms to see if your desired vehicle is available for drivers under 21. If so, a different insurance policy may apply, so please read the terms and insurance information carefully.

Can I pick up after hours?

Please check the terms of each company for the hours within you can pick up your vehicle.

What if I return the vehicle early?

Please check the terms of the vehicle you are thinking of renting, but as a general rule, there are no refunds for the early return of a vehicle.

What if I return the vehicle late?

There can be penalties for returning the vehicle after the agreed drop off time. Please check the terms to read about the late return policy of the vehicle you are renting as they can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Are unlimited kms included?

This varies from vehicle to vehicle, so please read the terms of the vehicle you are wishing to rent. If there is a charge for kms or miles, you can purchase these in advance at the time of booking.

Is 24 hour assistance included?

Most vehicle rental companies do include 24 hours assistance, but please check the terms of the vehicle you are wishing to rent to be sure.

Are taxes included on my booking?

All taxes are described in the terms of the vehicle you are renting, and are usually calculated at the time of booking.

Can I hire baby equipment?

If baby and child seats or other equipment is available with the vehicle you wish to rent, these will be outlined and available to be booked when you make your booking.

How much fuel am I likely to use on my holiday?

This all depends on how far you travel! As a rough guide, most 2 berth campervans use around 12 litres per 100kms and 4 and 6 berth motorhomes use around 14 litres per 100kms.