Campervan Hire Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the starting point for travellers wishing to hire a camper van, motor home or 4WD in the Red Centre. There are several campervan & motorhome depots near the Alice Springs airport; so there is generally only a short taxi ride from the airport to collect your camper.

Alice Springs is a transient town, located in the dead (red) centre of Australia that spans the (usually dry) Todd River, with the MacDonnell Ranges on the northern side. When you visit Australia you can’t afford to miss the trip to Alice Springs in one of our campervan or motor home. Alice is the gateway to a multitude of stunning geographical landscapes including Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Ormiston Gorge, Kings Canyon, Rainbow Valley, Glen Helen and the most iconic symbol of Australia – Uluru,  which you can explore in one of our affordable Alice Springs campervan.

Explore Alice Springs with a private motorhome hire. Make the best choice in Alice Springs with Aussie Travel Options, the comparison booking website, and you are bound to receive a dependable campervan from an established and worthy brand and at a reasonable cost. 

Things to do and see:

  • Mereenie Loop
  • Anzac Hill 
  • Old Timers' Museum 
  • Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve


Campers Options in Alice Springs

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Alice Springs

A full range of campers are available for hire for those wishing to explore the Northern Territory; from low-budget campers to luxury motorhomes.  The main features of the Ayers Rock/Uluru region are accessible by 2WD campervans & motorhomes rental. There are sealed roads from Ayers Rock to the Olgas and Kings Canyon.

4WD Camper Hire Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the starting point for 4WD camper hires for those wishing to experience the Outback & the Red Centre. We can offer self contained 4WD campers or 4WD station wagons such as Toyota Landcruisers with roof tent and camping options.

The most popular place to visit for 4WD hires from Alice Springs is the Uluru - Kata Tjuka National Park also known as the Ayers Rock – Olgas region.  A 4WD camper will allow you to see a lot more than in a 2WD campervan or motorhome.  The Mereenie Loop Road, a 4WD only track, is a great way to do the full circle from Alice Springs back to Alice Springs again with minimal backtracking. Just visit our website to copare the best rates and to get a special price.

After visiting Kings Canyon you can then continue on the Mereenie Loop Road back to Alice Springs or head north to Darwin or south to Adelaide.

Aussie Travel Options, who specialises in comparing different campervan and  motorhome prices, have several campervan options for you to choose from in Alice Springs, Australia. Choose the right campervan that suits your budget, taste and needs.